Starting 2017 off right!

 2017 already starting out positive! Yeah!  

House SOLD!

Still COLD!  :P

But that sure is a gorgeous winter sunset :) Poole - 19 Jan 2017
It's now February and we are bang smack in the middle of winter. Burrr! As much as we didn't want to leave the house this month we had to run a few errands. 

Romsey Abbey - 1 Feb 2017
Even while hibernating as much as possible and rarely going out, we both managed to get sick with the flu; with me getting it twice! I even had a flu shot. Oh well, I really can't complain, it had been over a year since the last time I was sick. That didn't stop us from celebrating Valentine's Day with an overnight stay on the quay and a delicious dinner <3

Poole Quay - 11 Feb 2017

Happy Valentine's Day!

chocolate overload
Staying home in the cuddle weather didn't last long... we were back in Swanage and the Isle of Wight, and I can't just keep myself in the car even if the weather is cold and dreary. Some day I'll never be back to many of these places and I never want to take them for granted.

Swanage, Dorset - 14 Feb 2017


On the way to and from Swanage we have to drive through Corfe Castle. The view is so beautiful with the castle ruins demanding the town atop the highest hill there. I've tried to photograph it many times but it's not the same as being there, so I had to take a video of it anyway.

Corfe Castle - 14 Feb 2017

Drive through Corfe Castle, Dorset

When we went to the Isle of Wight it was really windy on the ferry but at least we didn't have any rain or drizzle.

Ferry ride to the IOW

Once on land it was fine and we had some lunch and I took a few photos in town before Steve went to his appointment that didn't last long and we were off!

Arriving to shore
Newport Minster - IOW
Lunch - yum!

 These baguettes with bacon and brie were so good we decided to make them at home for lunch. Such an easy thing to make but never thought of it!

The sun fighting to get through the clouds

My love and hate relationship...

I hate when winter starts to slowly creep in for the season... you start to instantly feel the cold in the air. Just when I'm getting use to wearing my sleeveless tops, shorts, flip flops, shoes without socks and even running outside barefoot, suddenly all that is gone. I start to dread it, thinking about how long it will be when I'll be able to wear these things again. Now once I've gotten over that sadness and I'm dealing with it, it's a whole other story. I begin to embrace the coldness, the shorter days and extremely longer nights, I start getting excited to wear my cozy jumpers and my many jackets & coats I've now accumulated since living here, as well as my many cute scarves and hats. So then I start to enjoy the winter... but then after about 4 months of the blistering cold, constantly having to layer my clothes just to run to the shop, wearing double the socks and leggings under my jeans, I'm just soooo ready for spring and I'm back to hating winter all over again. That's my love and hate relationship with winter since I've been here, and so here we are once again with another long cold winter.

December 1st - yes, really.

I think this is a start to a very cold and long winter.... I hope not though.
 That's probably as much sun as we will be getting for the next 3 months :P

Stocking up with books at the library... we plan to hibernate for the winter. ;-)

Heading to Exmouth, Devon - 12 Dec 2016

Yes it's this cold!

Holy Trinity Church, Exmouth - 12 Dec 2016

This was one day in somewhere in Dorset heading to Devon

Another photo I do not remember where we were coming from. But the sun was setting and we were just passing Salisbury cathedral. This was a lucky shot and how amazing it was. The cathedral has the tallest church spire in the UK.

Salisbury Cathedral - 14 Dec 2016

 Spending time at home right where I belong...

But not on this day, we had to go out to Reading. My first time here and did a little shopping and walking around but I was too cold and a bit sleepy so I headed back to the car asap.

Reading, Berkshire - 21 Dec 2016

Saw this van in Reading, loved it! :)

Back home, relaxing... :P

My first taste of mulled wine for the winter!

Soon we were back out on the streets, the busy streets of Poole a couple days before Christmas in the town center... sounded like a bad idea but we had to go and it actually wasn't that bad at all and quite festive! :)

The day before Christmas eve we were in Weymouth to drop off some things for a client and OMG was it packed!! People everywhere, cars everywhere, it was nuts! I didn't want to get out of the car but our favourite little baker is there and we had to get something for breakfast.

Bacon and cheese 
Weymouth, Dorset - 23 Dec 2016

Doctor appointment and a chance to wear my newest jacket :)

Christmas came and went. It was great as always and the same with new years! And another year bites the dust!

New Year's Eve - 31 Dec 2016

2016 was a great year thanks to God! Our family was healthy and our lives full of positivity and love.

Beautiful sun rays over Poole

I love the Southwest!!

Ahh Devon and Cornwall... I love coming to these places! And here we were, back for a couple of days out in the beautiful country side of these counties. I'll post a few of my favourite photos I took while we were out here.

Here we are in and around Kingsbridge in Devon and I always try to get so many photos of the countryside here. It's so beautiful and so hard to get the full shot of the whole landscape.

Kingsbridge, Devon - 17 Nov 2016
Traffic in the countryside
Can this road get any smaller? Yes, they actually can. ;-)

Taking the chain link ferry to Torpoint
From the Torpoint ferry we were headed to Millbrook. We had to go towards the town of St. John but instead of going into the town we ended up on a small side road that literally crosses the River Tamar. This was so cool! It is basically a road usable only if the tide is low. If it is high, then you have no way to go through it cause the river fills it up. Luckily when we were there it was low tide so we were able to drive through! This was awesome! :)

 It wasn't that long of a road but it was really neat nonetheless. Afterwards we were back on the normal roads of Devon.

That day was ended in Cornwall in Launceston at one of our favourite hotels we stay at while there and had a nice Indian meal. The next morning we were up early in Launceston town center where I was keeping warm in Costa and had a front row view of the Christmas tree going up for the Holidays.

I guess that is goodbye to Autumn...

Our last stop before heading home was Budleigh Salterton in Devon.... wow!